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miércoles, noviembre 29, 2006



[ ] I own at least a whole series of manga volumes (T_T no completa)
[X] I own an anime plushie/cushion
[X] I own at least 7 anime posters in my room
[ ] I own at least 2 anime video games
[X] I own anime food/drinks (amo los cosos de konoha q venian con lsa bandanas)
[X] I own anime various objects
[X] I own an anime site/group/shrine
[X] I own at least 8 anime dvds
[X] I own at least 2 OSTs
[ ] I own a pile of at least 12 inches of anime magazines(newtypes)
[X] I own at least 3 anime keychains

Have you...

[ ] prefered a non-anime series more than anime? (mitad mitad)
[ ] downloaded hentai? (vi.. una vezXD o mas...XD pero no bajo)
[X] been to an anime expo? (4 este añoXD)
[X] said that you don't like anime? (hace años de esto)
[ ] said that anime lovers are weird?
[ ] told anyone they're weird because they like anime?
[X] envied someone's manga collection?
[ ] stole someone's anime possession?
[ ] been more obsessed with a non-anime series than with your favorite anime series?
[x] drawn non-anime characters in anime style?
[ ] drawn anime characters in non-anime style?

Japanese Culture...

[ ] I've been to Japan
[ ] I've held a real katana (Have one...freind gave to meh)
[x] I've eaten REAL Japanese sushi
[ ] I've drank sake (pero si bebí cocacola en cacharros para SakeXD)

I speak enough Japanese to say...

[ ] I am your father
[X] my name is ____
[ ] where's the restroom?
[x] where am I?
[x] I love you
[ ] mary had a little lamb
pero si se decir soy un vengador, con la voz de Sasuke

I'm very proud that I know who...

[ ] the CLAMP team are
[x] Kaoru Wada is
[ ] Yuu Watase is
[ ] Akira Toriyama is
[x] Megumi Hayashibara is
[x] L`arc en Ciel are
[x] Hayao Miyazaki is


[x] I know the lyrics of at least 10 ops and eds of anime series
[x] I love to sing Japanese songs even though I might have no clue of what they're saying
[x] I hate singing without knowing the lyrics so I first look for them on internet
[x] when I first learn about a singer, I follow his/her discography and download songs that are related to him/her
[x] I love instrumental OST music
[ ] I hate instrumental OST music
[XXXXX] I dislike it when they translate openings/endings from their original language
[ ] I love it when they translate openings/endings from their original language
[ ] I've been to a J-rock/J-pop concert

I wish...

[x] I could meet my favorite anime character.
[X] I could use magic
[ ] I was a neko (prefiero inuXP)
[x] I've seen ep "x" of my favorite anime series!!
[x] they made a sequel of my favourite anime series
[x] they made a video game of my anime series
[x] I could meet the seiyuus from the series (Paku Romiiiiiiii)
[x] I'd fall into a strange world inhabitated by magic spirits and later realized that to come back to my world I had to save that world first.
[x] I had a plushie of my favorite anime character.
[x] I had a whole bedsheet set of my favorite anime series
[x] I was better in drawing my favorite character
[x] I had a gigantic sword
[X] I had a gun (o las dos exas por Dante)
[x] I could see my favorite anime character naked
[x] I could write an anime series


[x] I've tried to transmute things by using a transmutation circle. (PeteeeeeeeXDDDD trasmutamos a PakkumXDD)
[x] I've tried to perform a jutsu.
[x] I've tried to make a kame-hame-ha.
[x] I've tried to activate magic cards
[x] I've tried to fly. (it hurt...)
[ ] I've tried to use magic sword techniques
[x] I've tried to enter the TV screen.
[x] I've tried to speak to wolves.(ToboeeeeeT_T)
[x] I've tried to make magic
[x] I've tried to summon magic creatures
[X] I've fell into a well expecting that something "unusual" happens


[x] I've wrote a fanfic
[x] I've drawn a doujinshi (lo intentéT_T)
[ ] I've drawn a manga of my own ( idem, pero sin menos exito)
[x] I've cosplayed (estoy haciendo otroo)
[x] I HATE USA anime
[x] I know 6 anime genres
[X] my pet has a Japanese / Japanese related name (Zell!!!! del FF8!!!XD)
[ ] my Deviantart name has a -chan, -san, -kun or another Japanese particle (the whole name is Japanese, but dosnt have a particl like chan or kun) (no, pero tiene un TUK q es de HobbitXD)
[ ] my Deviantart name is a Japanese/Japanese related name
[X] I don't say "hi" I say "konnichiwa"
[x] I don't say "cute" I say "kawaii" (frequently ^_^ )
[x] my Ipod/MP3 player is almost filled with anime related music
[x] I use chopsticks to eat ramen or any other Japanese food
[ ] I don't drink budweiser, I drink asahi.
[x] my profile is filled with anime characteristics
[ ] I ABSOLUTELY HATE how candy candy ended!
[ ] I've seen anime movies at the cinema
[x] I'd kill who ever dares to do something to my manga collection
[X] I know more about the Japanese history than my country history
[x] I pass about a year saving up to spend all my money in an expo
[x] I love anime at a very insane point
[x] I love doujinishis and fanfics


[x] I absolutely love anime at the point that I don't plan on leaving it no matter what happens
[ ] I plan on leaving anime when I grow up a little
[ ] I plan on leaving anime now
[ ] I hate anime, I don't even know why I'm answering this
[ ] I love anime but I don't like what others say about that... so I keep it as a secret
[x] I love anime

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